Rampart Range Road, Colorado

It’s a cool fall morning in Colorado, James and I get an early start to the day.  We get on County Road 38 in Castle Rock, Colorado which will join Forest Road 502.  Right at the forest service border the road turn from paved to dirt.  A-little way into the National Forest, we  find aContinue reading “Rampart Range Road, Colorado”

T-33 Crash Site/Bunce School Road Crash Trail Colorado

We started the day in Castle Rock, Colorado.  I am out here is Colorado visiting my friends James and his wife Lauren.  James and I are out today exploring Northern Colorado.  The original plan was to head into Rocky Mountain National Park and do the Old Cal River Road.  Due to forest fires, most ofContinue reading “T-33 Crash Site/Bunce School Road Crash Trail Colorado”

Colorado Back Roads & Mofat Tunnel

After completing T-33 Crash Trail, James and we start the trek back to Castle Rock.  Continueing down Colorado 72, Peaks to Peaks Highway.  This is a paved road that winds through the mountains.  With the Aspen and other trees almost at peak for the fall foliage, the road is heavily trafficked.  The views are breathtaking. Continue reading “Colorado Back Roads & Mofat Tunnel”

Mid-Atlantic Back Country Discovery Route-Pennsylvania

The Mid-Atlantic Back Country Discovery Route (MABDR) is a 1,080 mile route, that starts in Damascus Virginia, and ends in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania.  The Back Country Discovery Routes organization had taken the route and divided it into 9 sections.  My compadres and I decided to trek sections 6, 7, and 8 – a two day expedition beginningContinue reading “Mid-Atlantic Back Country Discovery Route-Pennsylvania”

New River Gorge 2020 Expedition

Dee and I set off for a 2 day Expedition into West Virginia and the New River Gorge National Park.   We got a mid-morning start from Akron.  We stoped for lunch at  a cool brewery,  the  Marietta Brewing Company right on the Ohio River in Marietta.  After crossing into West Virginia and following theContinue reading “New River Gorge 2020 Expedition”

Southern Ohio Expedition 2019

In the Fall of 2019 three of us decided to explored the hundreds of miles of “unmaintained County Roads” in Southeastern Ohio.  Hocking, Vinton and Ross counties have the most of these unmaintained County Roads.  “Nnmaintained County Roads” are road sthat are owned by the state/county, bu they state/county do not maintain them and areContinue reading “Southern Ohio Expedition 2019”

American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Open House November 2019

American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) for sth past two years has hosted an open house at their Michigan facility.  This year my good friend Tom and I drove up to go to it, its about a three hour drive, so we made it a day trip.  This year was going to be different as they hadContinue reading “American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Open House November 2019”

Canyonlands National Park Easter Jeep Safari 2019

Canyonlands National Park is divided in three sections, Island in the Sky, Maze District, Needles District.  These three areas are all divided by the Colorado and Green Rivers.   The Island in the Sky district is a broad and level mesa in the northern section of the park, between the Colorado and Green rivers. TheContinue reading “Canyonlands National Park Easter Jeep Safari 2019”

Steel Bender Easter Jeep Safari 2019

Day 5 of Easter jeep Safari.  Today we are doing Steel Bender, this another Jeep Badge of Honor trail.  Red Rock 4 Wheelers  rates this trail as a “6”. The morning starts out South of Moab at a gas station where we all meet up.  Because the trail head is close to the meet upContinue reading “Steel Bender Easter Jeep Safari 2019”

Kane Creek Canyon Trail Easter Jeep Safari 2019

Day 3 we are back with red Rock 4 Wheelers and doing Kane Creek Canyon.  The is the most difficult trail that I was doing on this trip. Red Rock 4 Wheelers rates this trail as a “7”. Because this trail is west of Moab, the group meet up location I the local movie theater. Continue reading “Kane Creek Canyon Trail Easter Jeep Safari 2019”

Top of the World Trail Easter Jeep Safari 2019

Top of the World Trail is a Jeep Badge of Honor Trail, you check in on the app on your phone and Jeep wills end you a badge that you can display on your jeep, I have made photos of each trail that I have done and the Badge of Honor trails I out theContinue reading “Top of the World Trail Easter Jeep Safari 2019”

Preparation, Packing, and on the Road. Easter Jeep Safari 2019

My group of friends starting talking about going to Moab for Easter Jeep Safari at my daughters first birthday party in July 2018.  Talk started to become a reality when we reserved our condo that we would rent for the week.  We were lucky to get the condo that we did, as house rentals fillContinue reading “Preparation, Packing, and on the Road. Easter Jeep Safari 2019”

Mountain State Overland Discovery Route VI November 2018

I have been watching Mountain State Overland on YouTube for a few years.  When I saw that they do guided trips through West Virginia and Virginia, I knew that I need to sign up.  I emailed Jason about trips, and signup dates and he said that they sell out very fast.  I set many remindersContinue reading “Mountain State Overland Discovery Route VI November 2018”