T-33 Crash Site/Bunce School Road Crash Trail Colorado

We started the day in Castle Rock, Colorado.  I am out here is Colorado visiting my friends James and his wife Lauren.  James and I are out today exploring Northern Colorado.  The original plan was to head into Rocky Mountain National Park and do the Old Cal River Road.  Due to forest fires, most of the roads in Rocky Mountain National Park are closed for safety.  Plan B was to explore T-33 Crash Site tRail and back roads of Colorado, having lunch at Mofatt Rail Tunnel, and working our way back to Castle Rock.  I will have a Blog Post of the rest of the day.

Taking US 85 to Colorado 470 then onto Colorado 93 though Golden, and Blouder, then US 36 up to Lyons.  Here we pick up Colorado 7 which is is known as Peak to Peak Highway.  Peaceful Valley camping, hiking area is where the trail starts.  

This is a 6.2 mile trail.  FunTreks rate sit as a “Difficult” trail and they say it takes 3-4 hours to complete.  It is an “Out-and-back” trail.  

On June 27th, 1965 United States Airforce Major Currie and 1st Lieutenant Darby veered from their flight path in a Lockheed Martin T-33 trainer jet and crashed into the mountainside in the Arapahoe National Forest. Both crew lost their lives and what remains today are the remnants of the aircraft. This off-road trail takes you within walking distance of the somber and memorialized scene.

This is a heavy trafficked trail, so doing alone I was not concerned about recovery issues, if needed.  We did see about 10 or so groups on the trail, in. both directions.  

The trail is fun and has many obstacles.  Hill climbs, with rocks.  I used my lockers on the obstacles, I did not want to get stuck, they are free to use so I used them all day.  

We made it up to the crash site.  Its a quick 5 minute hike.  Most of the wreckage is gone, but I did Geo-tag all the big sections or parts that are notable.  

The away down the trail, was just as challenging as going up.  

This was a great trail.  Short but difficult.  I unusually do not like “Out-and-back” trails, but being a pilot I wanted to see the crash site.  

T-33 Crash Site


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