Canyonlands National Park Easter Jeep Safari 2019

Canyonlands National Park is divided in three sections, Island in the Sky, Maze District, Needles District.  These three areas are all divided by the Colorado and Green Rivers.  

The Island in the Sky district is a broad and level mesa in the northern section of the park, between the Colorado and Green rivers. The district has many viewpoints overlooking the White Rim, a sandstone bench 1,200 feet (366 m) below the Island, and the rivers, which are another 1,000 feet (305 m) below the White Rim.

The Island in the Sky Visitors Center is 32 miles out of Moab.  You take US 191  to Utah 313 which then takes you on the road around the area.  Just before the Island in the Sky Visitors Center is the turn off for White Rim Trail.  I will be coming back to do this 100+ mile overland trail.  It is said to give 2-3 days to do this trail as there are many areas to pull off and hike and take pictures.  This is also the trailhead for Shafer trail which follows the Colorado Rive north back upstream to Moab.  I did not do my research before, but I wish I took the Schafer Trail back to Moab.  

Driving the road there are a bunch of overlooks and hiking trails to explore.  The views at very turn or just breathtaking.  I was on a time crunch asI had to get back into town for the Expo Show for Easter Jeep Safari, and I did not realize how big this national park is.  

I determined that this would be a “fishing expedition” for a bigger expedition come in later years.  Doing the White Room trail, and other trails e Maze and Needless Districts.

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