Rampart Range Road, Colorado

It’s a cool fall morning in Colorado, James and I get an early start to the day.  We get on County Road 38 in Castle Rock, Colorado which will join Forest Road 502.  Right at the forest service border the road turn from paved to dirt.  A-little way into the National Forest, we  find a … Continue reading Rampart Range Road, Colorado

T-33 Crash Site/Bunce School Road Crash Trail Colorado

https://youtu.be/ba-yPrl7MK0 We started the day in Castle Rock, Colorado.  I am out here is Colorado visiting my friends James and his wife Lauren.  James and I are out today exploring Northern Colorado.  The original plan was to head into Rocky Mountain National Park and do the Old Cal River Road.  Due to forest fires, most … Continue reading T-33 Crash Site/Bunce School Road Crash Trail Colorado

Colorado Back Roads & Mofat Tunnel

After completing T-33 Crash Trail, James and we start the trek back to Castle Rock.  Continueing down Colorado 72, Peaks to Peaks Highway.  This is a paved road that winds through the mountains.  With the Aspen and other trees almost at peak for the fall foliage, the road is heavily trafficked.  The views are breathtaking.  … Continue reading Colorado Back Roads & Mofat Tunnel

American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Hi-Lift/Pull-Pal Mount

I remove my American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Hi-Lift/Pull-Pal Mount when I’m not using it.  I didn’t always. My first one got bent when I forgot to take the Hi-Lift off the Jeep and took it through a car wash. One of the brushes got tangled in the Hi-Lift and pulled the bracket out of alignment. When … Continue reading American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Hi-Lift/Pull-Pal Mount

Steering Stabilizer Replacement

When I had American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) install their 3.5” suspension, it included an upgraded steering stabilizer.  After 19,500 miles on the odometer the steering felt soft, but I didn’t notice any fluid leak, so I couldn’t tell if it was broken. As it turns out, the original boot on the shock had ripped and … Continue reading Steering Stabilizer Replacement

Brake Replacement

As you read in my 20,000 Mile Check / Inspection blog, my brakes were at the end of their life. I spent the next few weeks trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I had a few options: 1.) Replace with factory brakes, OR 2.) Go one step further and get the same … Continue reading Brake Replacement

American expedition Vehicles (AEV) Raised Air Intake-Snorkel

The vehicle “snorkel” or “raised air intake” is a dual purpose accessory for vehicles.  It was first widely used in North Africa during WWII with the British Royal Army.  They used them on their tanks and cars to get cleaner air from above the vehicle, avoiding sand and dust.  They are also used for deep water … Continue reading American expedition Vehicles (AEV) Raised Air Intake-Snorkel

Mid-Atlantic Back Country Discovery Route-Pennsylvania

The Mid-Atlantic Back Country Discovery Route (MABDR) is a 1,080 mile route, that starts in Damascus Virginia, and ends in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania.  The Back Country Discovery Routes organization had taken the route and divided it into 9 sections.  My compadres and I decided to trek sections 6, 7, and 8 - a two day expedition beginning … Continue reading Mid-Atlantic Back Country Discovery Route-Pennsylvania

Midland USA GMRS MXT-400 Communications Radio

Midland Radio is Expedition Team Overland’s first sponsor.  They are outfitting the Expedition Team Overland’s Jeeps with all the communications gear the we need on the trail and at camp.  TJ and I chose the MXT-400 and Dee chose with the smaller MXT-275; we all have the 6DB Gain Whip Antenna’s with antenna cable; we … Continue reading Midland USA GMRS MXT-400 Communications Radio

Jeep 20,000 Mile Check/Inspection

The fist “major” inspection for the Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU is the 20,000 mile inspection.  I do routine maintenance at 5,000 tire miles for a 5-tire rotation, and I use the oil life “%” as the schedule to do oil changes.   As you can see below what you need to inspect, I used this opportunity … Continue reading Jeep 20,000 Mile Check/Inspection

New River Gorge 2020 Expedition

Dee and I set off for a 2 day Expedition into West Virginia and the New River Gorge National Park.   https://youtu.be/Fo6SdT3iOZ0 We got a mid-morning start from Akron.  We stoped for lunch at  a cool brewery,  the  Marietta Brewing Company right on the Ohio River in Marietta.  After crossing into West Virginia and following … Continue reading New River Gorge 2020 Expedition

Tailgate Table-Adventure Outback Table

This is my second tailgate table.  Having one makes life alot easier, from working with tools, making lunch to simply just a spot to put a drink down.  The first table I had was nice, it used “nut blinds” that went into the vents of the tailgate. It was fine, however when I went to … Continue reading Tailgate Table-Adventure Outback Table

Carpet Removal and Cleaning

One of the many unique features of the Jeep Wrangler is that you can very easily remove the carpet from the floor.   PRO TIP: The first time that you remove the carpet, you will need to cut the openings in the carpet where you have to get around seat bolts and brackets.  From the … Continue reading Carpet Removal and Cleaning

Garmin InReach Exploter+

I bought the Garmin InReach Exploter+ for two reasons, one as a backup GPS unit to track where I want to go and where I am, and also as a communication platform for when I am off grid with no cell coverage.  My wife was alway nervous when I was out of communication, this way … Continue reading Garmin InReach Exploter+

Winter and Hard Top Installing

Is that time of year, and the Jeep gains 140 pounds.  For most Jeeps installing the hard top is easy.  However with the American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) tire carrier/fuel caddy  makes the process just a little more complex.  Add the 3.5” lift and tires, I just need to lift it higher to clear the tire … Continue reading Winter and Hard Top Installing

Southern Ohio Expedition 2019

In the Fall of 2019 three of us decided to explored the hundreds of miles of “unmaintained County Roads” in Southeastern Ohio.  Hocking, Vinton and Ross counties have the most of these unmaintained County Roads.  “Nnmaintained County Roads” are road sthat are owned by the state/county, bu they state/county do not maintain them and are … Continue reading Southern Ohio Expedition 2019

American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Heat Reduction Hood

Upgrading to the American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Heat Reduction Hood was equal parts simple decision to equal parts difficult decision.  I'm very analytical, which is also an equal parts positive personal quality to equal parts negative personal quality. 50% Difficult: First, the JKU Recon edition comes with the non-vented, vented looking hood.  Also the “Rubicon” … Continue reading American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Heat Reduction Hood

American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Open House November 2019

American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) for sth past two years has hosted an open house at their Michigan facility.  This year my good friend Tom and I drove up to go to it, its about a three hour drive, so we made it a day trip.  This year was going to be different as they had … Continue reading American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Open House November 2019

Trimming Front Stock Tower Mounts

The first time that I really put the Jeep through its paces was when I was out in Moab for Easter Jeep Safari (EJS)  in 2019. I was doing full articulation of the axles and overall putting the entire Jeep under a lot of stress on this trip.  When the Jeep was transiting full articulation, … Continue reading Trimming Front Stock Tower Mounts

Door Storage

(sultry voice) Tell me.  Where and how do you store your doors and windows when you’re driving around naked? The ‘where’ is pretty straightforward - it’s best to keep them in a secure location where they are safe from damage and loss or even theft.  The ‘how’ is a little more challenging.  At my previous … Continue reading Door Storage

Canyonlands National Park Easter Jeep Safari 2019

Canyonlands National Park is divided in three sections, Island in the Sky, Maze District, Needles District.  These three areas are all divided by the Colorado and Green Rivers.   The Island in the Sky district is a broad and level mesa in the northern section of the park, between the Colorado and Green rivers. The … Continue reading Canyonlands National Park Easter Jeep Safari 2019

Steel Bender Easter Jeep Safari 2019

Day 5 of Easter jeep Safari.  Today we are doing Steel Bender, this another Jeep Badge of Honor trail.  Red Rock 4 Wheelers  rates this trail as a “6”. https://youtu.be/wR6I6JRyX5k The morning starts out South of Moab at a gas station where we all meet up.  Because the trail head is close to the meet … Continue reading Steel Bender Easter Jeep Safari 2019

Kane Creek Canyon Trail Easter Jeep Safari 2019

Day 3 we are back with red Rock 4 Wheelers and doing Kane Creek Canyon.  The is the most difficult trail that I was doing on this trip. Red Rock 4 Wheelers rates this trail as a “7”. https://youtu.be/olYgvo2qpfI Because this trail is west of Moab, the group meet up location I the local movie … Continue reading Kane Creek Canyon Trail Easter Jeep Safari 2019

Top of the World Trail Easter Jeep Safari 2019

Top of the World Trail is a Jeep Badge of Honor Trail, you check in on the app on your phone and Jeep wills end you a badge that you can display on your jeep, I have made photos of each trail that I have done and the Badge of Honor trails I out the … Continue reading Top of the World Trail Easter Jeep Safari 2019

Preparation, Packing, and on the Road. Easter Jeep Safari 2019

My group of friends starting talking about going to Moab for Easter Jeep Safari at my daughters first birthday party in July 2018.  Talk started to become a reality when we reserved our condo that we would rent for the week.  We were lucky to get the condo that we did, as house rentals fill … Continue reading Preparation, Packing, and on the Road. Easter Jeep Safari 2019

Synergy Lower Control Arms & Tie Rod Upgrade

For me a needed upgrade before I head out to Moab, Utah for Easter Jeep Safari, was an upgrad to my  tie road and lower control arms.  On my 2013 JKU I did bend one lower control arm at some time.  When doing research I was looking for lower control arms that are fixed and … Continue reading Synergy Lower Control Arms & Tie Rod Upgrade

Mall Crawling and Snow Piles

As most Jeepers, we need to save as much parking spots in the winter for the cars that can not park on snow piles.  At most malls parking is limited because the snow piles take up some much space. On this day I was meeting g up with a old friend from grade school, he … Continue reading Mall Crawling and Snow Piles

Christmas Tree- 2018

Every year our family goes to a local tree farm to get a live tree.  At our previous house we had a large porch on a main road, we would put a big tree on the porch. It looked so beautiful with light and decorations.  Our new house does not have a front porch, but … Continue reading Christmas Tree- 2018

Mountain State Overland Discovery Route VI November 2018

I have been watching Mountain State Overland on YouTube for a few years.  When I saw that they do guided trips through West Virginia and Virginia, I knew that I need to sign up.  I emailed Jason about trips, and signup dates and he said that they sell out very fast.  I set many reminders … Continue reading Mountain State Overland Discovery Route VI November 2018

Rock Hard Skid & AEV Skid Plates

Skid Plates, an upgrade that doesn’t add performance; but can minimize  a nightmare scenario on the trail, or make your Jeep look great, but a necessity (in my opinion) for when off-roading.  The Jeep comes with “Skid Plates”, they are “tin foil” thin, and small, I wish Jeep wold make better ones or at least … Continue reading Rock Hard Skid & AEV Skid Plates

AEV Lift Install

The day has come, droping off my Jeep at American Expedition Vehicles (AEV).  On my 2013 Jeep I installed myself, with help from friends two AEV lifts, the 2.5” and 3.5” lifts.  Why did I have AEV install the lift on my new jeep?  Time! I was working a busy schedule with not alot of … Continue reading AEV Lift Install

Hitch Install

My Jeep did not come from the factory with the tow package.  The tow package from the factory is just the hitch and electrical for the trailer.  There is no upgraded transmission, alternator, or brakes.  Upgrading is a very easy upgrade, all you need to a box wrench and screw driver.  Process take s less … Continue reading Hitch Install

American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Front Bumper and Warn Winch Install

From my 2013 JKU, I removed the American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) front bumper, on that build I was anticipating having winch so I already had the AEV winch plate adapter.  For my first Father’s Day, my 11 month old daughter, Amelia bought me a Warn Zeon 10S winch.   https://youtu.be/uU5fvcNXoL8 This bumper was on my … Continue reading American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Front Bumper and Warn Winch Install

American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Corner Guards

When off-roading the most damaged part of any vehicle; Jeep, Toyota, Buggy, side-by-side, is the right rear fender.  People forget to check that corner when backing up or going around an obstacle.  I am lucky that in all the trails that I have done, I have not done any body damage;  I have come close, … Continue reading American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Corner Guards


Welcome to my new Blog. I will be writing about trips and adventures that I have taken. Gear that I have. Build of my Jeep. Things that I have bought that I wish I did differently. My YouTube channel have some great install videos, "how To" videos, and trips & trail videos. Exploring Colorado, September … Continue reading Welcome