Overland Expo East-2022 Saturday

https://youtu.be/JKpz-0-jNGw This year I made to Overland Expo as a family weekend. We had a great wether day, clear skies, and warm temperatures. In my video, I have Interviews with the following companies Bundutec USA https://bundutecusa.com Deckled https://decked.com WanderBox https://wanderbox.com Rhino Rack https://www.rhinorack.com/en-us/ GP Factor https://www.gp-factor.com ok4WD https://ok4wd.com Mountain State Overland https://www.mountainstateoverland.com Alu-Cab https://www.alu-cab.com Gazelle … Continue reading Overland Expo East-2022 Saturday

Overland Expo East 2021-Sunday

https://youtu.be/2hI5vkFM5GU Arrington, VA is the new location for Overland Expo East, it was in Asheville , NC before. Arrington is very remote part of Southern Virginia. Arrington is between Lynchburg and Charlottesville, where hotels are located, if you're not staying in a hotel, camping on sight is available. Food truck are on location for lunch, … Continue reading Overland Expo East 2021-Sunday