Expedition San Juan Mountains September 2021-Part 8-Red Mountain Mining Area

Day 6 is a very easy day. Red Mountain Mining area is just East of US-550 13 miles south of Ouray. Literally right across the street from the trail head to Black Bear Pass trailhead.

There a number of mines here with many structures, Yankee Girl Mine is the probable the most “famous” structure as it’s in alot of pictures.

TJ and I hit the road early. We air down again just for ride comfort.

We explore many old mine and structures. Due to the close proximity to US-550 Think these structure set some human traffic for youth parties and camping. We were also careful with bear spray in hand incase we ran into any wildlife.

All this mine and structures are fun to explore. Just trying to see how these were working when they were full staffed and mining was in full operation. The dry air has been able to keep the wood in good structurally order.

Yankee Girl Mine is a huge structure to see. The mine shafts still there, metal cover onto but you can still drop a rock down to 4th water far below. Seeing these structures in real life, after seeing them in books and literature os just awesome to see. This area is very easy to explore, I believe that any vehicle can access these.

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