American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Open House November 2019

American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) for sth past two years has hosted an open house at their Michigan facility.  This year my good friend Tom and I drove up to go to it, its about a three hour drive, so we made it a day trip.  This year was going to be different as they had some of the new Jeep Wrangler JL products on display and Chris Wood ,who is the International Sales Manager, and also hosts AEV’s Recovery training in Oregon was going to be there, so that is why we made the trek up there.

It was great to see and chat with Chris. He was able to show us the new products that AEV is developing for the new JL line.  AEV has taken a new approach to making their products.  They are using a new Hot Stamped Steel process, this makes the products stringer and lighter than traditional steel.  They are using this on their Chevy Bison Products; bumpers and skid plates, and the new JL line and more to come.  Also to help make the counterfeit products harder to make and easier to differentiate, they are stamping the AEV Logo into their product line.  AEV also bough an LED light company and have developed new LED Spot lights and light bars.  Chris told us that in their JL lift kits they are using Steer Smarts Yeti track bar instead of MOPAR. They feel that the Yeti track bar is stronger and a better thank MOPAR.  This was very interesting to see as AEV has always used MOPAR parts as much as they can.  

This is my second time going to the AEV Open House and this was fun to chat with some of sth other AEV people I know and seeing their new products.

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