Allegheny National Forest Part 2

Dee, his brother, Jay and I head back to Pennsylvania to finish the tracks that I made in the Allegheny National Forest. This is a quick 1 night camping trip. We spend the weekend cutting and moving a lot of downed trees again! This trip has moved a chain saw to the top of the list of gear to buy for a trip like this in the future.

First on the list was to find fire wood. As I have said before, you ned to find local cut wood, you don’t want to carry wood across state lines and from different eco systems within a state. Bugs and insects that might be in the wood and carried around could cause hard to the local eco system. Having a Jeep Gladiator JT was a night addition to the crew as we were Abel to load up the bed of wood and

Right off 4th bat we have our first downed tree. This had some difficulty as it was not fully cut off, and it was a higher height that what we can cut we hand saws. It took a couple of different angel on winch pulls but we made it.

One of there cool fun thing that we would see this time in the Allegheny National Forest vs when Dee and I were here in January, was Beaver Dams. Seeing these dams are definitely a marvel of engineering. The mass amount of water that these can hold back just absolutely amazing.

Unfortunately desert was ruined! Apple cobble on the fire was failure. The fire was too hot and we forgot about it. Not much if any was salvageable. We spent more time cleaning the cast iron that we did “cooking” it!

The morning was spect again clearing trees. We lost count on how many we moved, but soon we started looking like a NASCAR pit crew!

Overall we had a great time exploring!

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