Opus OP4 Overland Trailer Walk Around

Mark Wahlberg Airstream and RV dealer in Cleveland, Ohio is my local area dealer for the Opus Overland Trailer. I have seen these trailers online and YouTube, so naturally, I wanted to see it in person. I reached out to them, and was put in contact with Nathan, we coordinated for me to come up and visit. This a new location, and doing construction for their new facility.

There are 4 different models that Opus has: OP Lite, OP2, OP 4 & OP15. Today we saw the OP4 and OP Lite. All except the OP15 have the same principal design, air inflated, exterior kitchen, with interior living space. The OP15 is a much larger design.

The full video has the walk-around of the trailer.

As with most overland/off-road trailers the trailer tongue box is rugged and over built. With a 360 degree swivel, it gives you fun range motion for off-road conditions. The mud flaps and fabric rock detector will protect both the trail and the tow vehicle. Also in the tongue is storage for 2 5 gallon jerry cans and a 20 lbs propane bottle.

The kitchen has a 4-burner stove, hot and cold water sink and an ARB fridge. Nathan was sure to note that the drawers need to be fulled closed and locked before you close the slide for the kitchen, if they are not locked close, they can open when in the drawer, making opening the kitchen very difficult.

Opus give the owners all the equipment needed for use. Wheel chocks, extra propane regulator, manual and drill adapters for extending the stabilizers, and much more. The forward left storage compartment is where thesis are all stored from the factory.

There are 2, 20 gallon water tanks, both located under the trailer, low center of gravity, and infant and behind the axel. An ideal location for heavy weight. The water can be heated with an exterior instant hot water heart and an onboard heater, but to lower temperatures.

The “frame” of the canvas “tent” is five air channels. Using and onboard air compressor, the channels inflate to13 PSI. The channels can be isolated in the event of a puncture. Inflation takes less than 10 minutes. The 5 sections inflate together, but to deflation is best when you open the 5 valves on 4th driver side of the trailer. 13PSI seams like low pressure, but the channels are very touch and sturdy.

Overall this is an outstanding trailer. I think that having air channels instead of a metal frame, is ideal. It drastically decreased weight and increases height inside the trailer/tent when opened. The canvas shell is heavy duty, and zippers seam to be heavy duty.


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