Overland Expo East-2022 Saturday

This year I made to Overland Expo as a family weekend. We had a great wether day, clear skies, and warm temperatures. In my video, I have Interviews with the following companies

Bundutec USA https://bundutecusa.com

Deckled https://decked.com

WanderBox https://wanderbox.com

Rhino Rack https://www.rhinorack.com/en-us/

GP Factor https://www.gp-factor.com

ok4WD https://ok4wd.com

Mountain State Overland https://www.mountainstateoverland.com

Alu-Cab https://www.alu-cab.com

Gazelle Tent https://gazelletents.com

PowerBrake https://powerbrakeglobal.com

ArmorLite https://goarmorlite.com

This is my 4th Overland Expo that I have attended, East 2016, West 2018, East 2021, East 2022. I hope to make these more regular each year. Some year I will camp and take the classes. I did take classes at Expo West 2018. The information you learn are all part of the “tool box” you take with you on the trail and in normal everyday life.

The new great great that comes out every year is fun to explore and get some “hands on” them. GP Factor every year os coming out with new stuff, their new shovel is something that will be added to my overland build in the future. Along with the new Harmon units. Having a GPS that is not dependent on a cell signal I think is important. On the 2021 Expedition San Juan Mountains, when we exited Ophir Pass to drive to Durango, we all had no cell coverage, TJ was the only one with a stand alone GPS on his factory radio. We could have used maps, but having that tool made it easier.

Overall we had a great day at Overland Expo East, I look forward to hopefully Overland Expo Mountain West in 2023 and then again to Expo East 2023.

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