2021 Holiday Buying Guide

Here is my buying guide for you or your loved ones, pass it along, so you don’t get socks or a sweater for Christmas!


These are in more order of importance, just the order I thought of!

1) Winching/Recovery Gloves-always want to keep you hands safe from cuts and friction burns, make sure to get a good leaver glove.

2) Communication Radio-and good Walkie-Talkie is needed if your in a group of more than one vehicle, having vehicle mounted radio, you can get more distance behave it has more wattage, and better antenna, but a good hand held radio is fine as well.  Hand held can also be used for recovery or spotting, or if you scouting down the trail.

3)Recovery Boards-ARB or MaxTrax is what I recommended, but use caution on the cheaper ones, read reviews and make sure they are rated for your vehicle weight

4) Shackles-Hard or soft are great, soft would be better to save weight.  Soft shackles are fairly new, started d to see then in 2015, and have surpassed and become new “new norm”.  I recommend a soft shackle

5) Battery Jumps Start kit-These can be uses in all vehicles, so you do not have to depend on another vehicle, or AAA.  On the trail its best to have these especially if your alone, you can’t jump your jeep from your cell phone.

6) Recovery Straps-Make sure to buy from USA to support a local company but to insure quality control.  Factor 55 has their test rating on the strap

7) Under Seat Storage-great way to keep a firearm safe, but also extra cash or property secure.  If you have a jeep in the summer with doors and top off, keep your wallet or valuables away from prying hands

8) First Aid Kit- Good rule of thumb is to buy what you know how to use.  Don’t buy an expensive EMT rated kit, if you don’t have knowledge of how to use the gear in it.

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