Overland Expo East 2021-Sunday

Arrington, VA is the new location for Overland Expo East, it was in Asheville , NC before. Arrington is very remote part of Southern Virginia. Arrington is between Lynchburg and Charlottesville, where hotels are located, if you’re not staying in a hotel, camping on sight is available.

Food truck are on location for lunch, they have a large covered tent with chairs and live bands play throughout the day. there are alot of kids, family and digs walking around, its a great family friend event.

This year I did not take any classes nor drive the Jeep, it was a last minute decision to attend, work and family schedules changed making Sunday the only day that I could attend. I wanted to get here early as the show ends mid afternoon, and vendors breaking down their booths so they can dive back to their shops and families.

The one, of many things thats always “cool” to see at Overland Expo, is the oversized camper trucks. 99% of us will never own these , but seeing them is fun to image what we could have, someday!

It is always fun to see and talk to all the vendors. Able to interact with the products and answer all the technical questions that you have.

In my video I have many interviews with these vendors. Another great part of being at Expo, they have discount prices on the gear they have, and you don’t have to wait 5-07 business day for USPS or UPS to deliver the gear, you take it home with you

It’s also fun to run into fellow YouTuber’s. Brand and Jason were fun o talk to and fun to watch them “behind the scenes” as they shoot for their channels.

I have interviews with:

GP Factor https://www.gp-factor.com

Gazelle Tents https://gazelletents.com

Force protector https://www.forceprotector.com/fpg-online-store

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