Fresh coat of Powder Coating

After 5 years of Ohio winters, I thought it was time to get my front AEV bumper striped and a fresh coat of Powder Coat applied.  Two year of these winters started to show rest on my AEV rear corner guards.  

First step was to CAREFULLY remove the AEV  rear corner guards.  These are held in with nutsert’s, which are string when installed, but removing and replacing and over torquing the bolt can damage and loosen the nutsert.  

Next was to remove the front bumper.  The AEV front bumper is a complicated bumper to install, its not just a simple bold on.  Its one of the only after market crash tested bumpers, that’s how MOPAR/FCA/Jeep has versions the AEV front and rear bumpers on special editions the JK/JKU.  First I had to remove the lower skid plate.  This is fairly easy, but its about 800 bolts that need to be removed.  

Once I got the front bumper off, I was able to do a few modifications to it.  AEV designed the front bumper to work wit the Warn 9.5CTI with.  The Zeon winch is slightly larger and getting the clutch is difficult.  I had Dee trim the left side of the opening a few inches.  Dee was able to make the opening look the exact same angles and looks like it came that way.  De also tried the winch mount from AEV as the winch line was rubbing, 

I didn’t know how long it would take to get the bumper back, and not sure if I needed to drive the jeep.  I put the fog light and IPF wiring harness in rice and wrapped in a ziplock bag to keep moisture out of the electrical plugs if the Jeep is driven in salt/water. 

Off to the powder coater. 

Got the bumper and corner guards back and they look just as new.  

Gives the jeep a fresh look!

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