AEV Font Bumper modifications

The American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) JK/JKU Premium front bumper was designed for 4th Warn 9.5CTI winch back in the lat 2000’s.  Warm winches have not changed their designs that much and the AEV bumper fits most winches.  However with the development of etc Warn Zeon winches, the opening on the AEV bumper is tight.

There are two points where the Warn Zeon winch is tight, first is the clutch handle, and second is where the winch line rubs on the front metal fairlead winch bracket.

I dropped off the front bumper and winch bracket with Dee at his shop.  I wanted to get these modified before powder coating.  Dee did a great job, and made the finished product look like it came from AEV like this.  He kept the same curves and angles on the clutch cutout.  He removed about 2 inches of metal.  

On the winch bracket, he had to remove about 1 foot of the “lip” of the bottom.  The winch line When I was spooling the winch line on the drum, the last 4 or so wraps were rubbing on this lip.  

With both done, I dropped off the bumper and “rattle canned” the bracket with AEV spray paint.

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