Hard Top Window Dome Light

Having a work station light was something I felt was a needed upgrade.  It all started with when I started overloading and doing meal prep and cooking.  I installed a “dome” light on my hard top rear window.  Just having another light when loading gear was a nice additive.  It wasn’t until I started camping and doing meals from the back of the jeep did I find that I needed to add a 3-way switch on this light. 

Before it was just on the “door illumination” system logic, so whenever a door was open the light would be on.  I added a 3 way switch, V1D1 Switch from OTRATTW’s (Over The River And Through The Woods), ON-ON-OFF, so I could turn “OFF” the light, “ON” with dome illumination, and just “ON”.

  Here is the wiring diagram for the V1D1 switch. The hardest part of this process is to find a “door illumination” wire.  I had to peal back the “C” pillar roll bar padding.  Here I found a factory wire hardness that went into the “C” pillar dome light, I taped into that wire and ran another wire from that tap to the switch. 

I used my drummel tool to drill out the rectangle for the switch, be careful of test fitting the before cutting and measuring to make sure that you have enough room under the switch for fitment.

I am really happy to have this switched light.  Having a light to cook, or to light up camp at light is just that little something that makes life easier.

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