2020 Holiday Buying Guide

2020 Holiday Buying Guide

Here is my buying guide for you or your loved ones, pass it along, so you don’t get socks or a sweater for Christmas!


These are in more order of importance, just the order I thought of!

1) Camp Stove-find what you think will work best for how you cook, 2 burner, griddle with burner.  Good food can make the worst day better!

2) Air Compressor-just make sure its rated for tire size you have, or buy bigger.  Expedition Portal has a Great review of all types of air compressors

3) Recovery Boards-ARB or MaxTrax is what I recommended, but use caution on the cheaper ones, read reviews and make sure they are rated for your vehicle weight.

4) Tire repair kit-Can be used for any tire, off-road or street tires, good to have for all cars.

5) Shovel-Good shovel can be useful in sand, mud, gravel, or any type of terrain.  A good army surplus folding shove is good for all cars, but for your off road rig, and spade shove with longer handle might help.

6) Tire Pressure Gauge- pressure gauges are most accurate at 50% their value.  For most cars your going the be at 30 PSI, so a gauge that is max rated at 60PSI is best

7) Tire deflators, many options, you can use a pressure gauge, and ones that remove the stem core, or ones that do not.  I have ones that screw on and release pressure with removing the valve stem, makes it easier and I think faster.

8) Trash bag-Make sure clean up after yourself and keep any campsite cleaner than you found it.  Police the area before you unpack, clean up anyone else’s mess, and then police before you leave after you packed up.  Also if you see trash on the trail, pick it up!

Overland Journal Air Compressor Test


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