Steering Stabilizer Replacement

When I had American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) install their 3.5” suspension, it included an upgraded steering stabilizer.  After 19,500 miles on the odometer the steering felt soft, but I didn’t notice any fluid leak, so I couldn’t tell if it was broken. As it turns out, the original boot on the shock had ripped and I did not know that two winter driving seasons had compromised the shock. 

I took the stabilizer off to put a new boot on, when I did, I thought that the piston shock moved a little too freely. Swapping out the Steering Stabilizer is fairly easy and inexpensive.  AEV used ARB Old Man Emu shock, so I ordered a repayment one at less than $100 and five days later the new OME Steering Stabilizer was delivered to my door.

Swapping out the Steering Stabilizer, like I said, is easy. I had pretty much already did the work when I replaced the shock boot, but I reinstalled the old one.  

The process takes about 15 minutes, from start to finish.  

The new OME Steering Stabilizer is yellow, the AEV one is black.  AEV has their steering stabilizers specially made with back.  I personally like the accent that the yellow has, but that’s me!

I feel that the Jeep handles better, and I’m glad that I swapped this out.  It’s cheap and easy and makes me have one less worry that something is wrong.

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