Jeep 20,000 Mile Check/Inspection

The fist “major” inspection for the Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU is the 20,000 mile inspection.  I do routine maintenance at 5,000 tire miles for a 5-tire rotation, and I use the oil life “%” as the schedule to do oil changes.  

As you can see below what you need to inspect, I used this opportunity to also do a general look at all the major parts of the jeep wheel it was up on the lift.  Dee has always been a huge help when it comes to general and upgraded maintenance items with my jeep and all my family vehicles.  

After we got the tires off we were able to inspect the brakes.  The Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU is the only vehicle that I know of that the rear brakes wear faster than the fronts.  I think that is because the advanced roll stability system that the jeep uses and it “pulsates” the brakes when needed.  I think that the system uses the rear brakes at higher speeds and around corners.  So with just over 20,000 miles, I need to replace the brakes.  I do not know what Im going to do.  Do I upgrade to a big brake kit? Factory replacement? Upgraded factory replacement? I am not sure, but need to get this addressed in the next month or so.

Next we inspect the tie rod ends.  The Synergy tie rod ends are filled with grease, grease does seam out of the rubber boots and make a mess, so wit the tires off we can clean and inspect the boots.  All looks go, boots have a good seal, the retainer ring is seated properly and we top off the grease.

I recently changed my front and rear differential fluid so we don’t need to address that item on the list.

Going down the list, we inspect the CV/Universal joints, and all the suspension.

Adjusting the parking brake is not an easy task, you actually need to remove the brake caliper and rotor, so I will leave that until we replace the brakes soon.

Now with the 20,000 mile inspection complete now to a few other items to do while the Jeep is up on the lift.  I need to install my Rock Hard oil pan, and transmission skid plates and the AEV rear differential skid plate.  As I have said in the past I remove these three skid plates when I am not off roading or for the winter.  I reduce quite a bit of weight and it reduces the rust on these as the winter road salt is very abusive to metal here in Ohio.

With everything complete, now off for a few camping trips and start researching what brakes to buy.

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