Tailgate Table-Adventure Outback Table

This is my second tailgate table.  Having one makes life alot easier, from working with tools, making lunch to simply just a spot to put a drink down.  The first table I had was nice, it used “nut blinds” that went into the vents of the tailgate. It was fine, however when I went to Moab for Easter Jeep Safari in 2017, the table was very loud, bouncing on the closure pins, and after 2 days of trails the nut blinds started to bend the vents and the table was starting to fall off.  I could have used nut-serts and secured the tale to the tailgate, but the table was still very loud bouncing on the closure pins. 

I started over a year of research, looking at all the options on the market. I felt that the Adventure Outback Table was what I needed.  There are a few YouTube videos on this table and in depth reviews. What made me come to this decision, he uses nut blinds, but they are custom 3-D printed to fit the jeep vents and holes.  Also the table closes tighter on the closure pins. 

Installing this table is very simple, and takes about 10 minutes.  First you have to remove the plastic trip that goes across the tailgate.  Your line up the table and put the nut blinds into the holes and vents.  I used an impact drill to help, you can use a screw driver, I used the impact driver because I was doing this by myself and was able to hold the table and screw it in easier.  When your screwing in the table, take it slow as you don’t want to over tighten and break the plastic nut blind and you want to get the screw into the center of the nut blind.  I cut the plastic trim piece to cover a small section of open just for esthetic looks.  Remember, measure once, cut twice!

Overall I am very happy with the table, I have used it alot when on the trails or at home.  It is very solid and makes little to no noise.  Having the pull out table/cutting board adds alot-of surface areas and help with making dinner.  I use stainless appliance cleaner to keep the table clean.  My only complaint is that the plastic nut blinds are only about a use once part.  If you have to remove the table, the nut blinds may have cracked and will not hold after use.  I have contacted the owner and he has sent out extra ones to me.  So if you know that you have to remove the table, get a few extra nut blinds incase they are cracked. 


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