Garmin InReach Exploter+

I bought the Garmin InReach Exploter+ for two reasons, one as a backup GPS unit to track where I want to go and where I am, and also as a communication platform for when I am off grid with no cell coverage.  My wife was alway nervous when I was out of communication, this way we can text each other and she can go to a website to see where my live (every 10 minutes) tracking is.  I have the devise setup to send my position every 10 minutes.  I can get limited weather reports for my current location as well.  For me having the ability to send friends and family text message is very important.  I use it most when I get to camp with no cell coverage, my wife will know where we are. I poor the Garmin InReach Exploter+ with my iPhone and use the Garmin app to text and get weather.  As long as I am close to my Jeep, I can just use my phone t get out of the features of the Garmin InReach Exploter+, the weather, text, and map features.

I chose to buy and install the Garmin powered mount for the InReach Exploter+ so it is on the dash, in a safe and easy location to get in an emergency.  Also the mount has a USB outlet so the device is always changing.  Last thing I want is in an emergency and I forgot to charge the unit at night and its dead.  This way it’s always charged and ready to go.  I used RAM mount balls and a small arm to attach it to my Vector var that goes across the dash.

There are many plans you can buy depending on how much you use the device.  I chose the middle of the road plan, with very limited months text message, but I only use the text message when I don’t have cell coverage, I know I cant have one conversations, but eight to let people know we are safe at camp or if plans have changed off grid.  The plan also has unlimited tracking and Im happy with that, that way I don’t have to worry about stoping and starting tracking, I just leave it going the whole day or trip.

I have installed under the glove box a USB outlet that I got off amazon.  This USB outlet is power to my waterproof fuse box.  I have two USB outlets, in there and can be used to power an iPad/tablet or phone.  Right now I am only using 1 outlet for this Garmin InReach Exploter+.  To run the USB outlet I have to Rome part of the dash.  Its 3 screws and you have to remove the windows control box.  There is not alt of extra wire to mov sth window control box, so you have to get your fingers in there to move the locking disconnect.  Once you have that out its very easy to remove the dash.  Make sure to unscrew a 10MM bolt under the window control box.  I used a wire snake to get the USB cord from behind the radio down to under the dash.  Cutting a metal, dry cleaning coat hangar world great too, just make e sure to use electrical tape to attach the cable to the hangar, it doesn’t leave much or any glue on the cable and its strong.  

Overall I am very happy wit the mount and Garmin, I have a-lot to learn and play wit the Garmin InReach Exploter+.  It is a very powerful tool and can do a-lot and like any tool, it only works as well as yo know how to use it.

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