Door Storage

(sultry voice) Tell me.  Where and how do you store your doors and windows when you’re driving around naked?

The ‘where’ is pretty straightforward – it’s best to keep them in a secure location where they are safe from damage and loss or even theft.  The ‘how’ is a little more challenging.  At my previous house/garage, I used eight utility hooks from Lowe’s.  To facilitate hanging, I would roll the windows down and hang the doors on the window seal.  I added foam to the “L” bracket to protect the window seal, but even with that safeguard in place, I did start to see indents on the seals over time.  This was good solution, but I didn’t want to do this with my new Jeep or my new house/garage!

My new garage was limited on wall space and hanging these brackets just would not work.  As you can see in the picture, I had to run 4X4’s onto the wall as the studs didn’t match where I needed to place the brackets.  I chose to paint them black to match the black powder coating from ACE and therefore be more aesthetically pleasing.  Now I had to address the issue of the window seals becoming indented or damaged.  I found that AEC Manufacturing had a set of door hangars that were very reasonably priced.  TJ has these same door hangars and he is happy with them.  (Pro Tip: You will need to have two 2×4’s stacked atop each other [see pictures] to create the depth needed to compensate for the mirrors on the two front doors; I ran long lag bolts into the studs for added support.)o

Overall I am very happy with these brackets.  Included are plastic bushings that go into the brackets and the door pins sit in the bushings. They do not press into the brackets, and easily fall off or get stuck in the pins on the door; you will need to make sure the bushing is not on the door pin when you put the doors on the Jeep, as it will interfere with the connection.  You also need to notice if they fall off when you remove the door from the bracket – you’ll need to find it on the floor.  I wish ACE would add a few extra bushings as like I said they fall out and you need these to not damage the door pins.

Now you can confidently put your Jeep in its birthday suit!

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