Mall Crawling and Snow Piles

As most Jeepers, we need to save as much parking spots in the winter for the cars that can not park on snow piles.  At most malls parking is limited because the snow piles take up some much space.

On this day I was meeting g up with a old friend from grade school, he is only in town a few times of year for work, so we have time to get lunch and caught up with family and life.  This time I was saving spots and parked on this snow pile.  As we are walking out to the Jeep and his car to leave, M=mall security is waiting for us.  The mall cop informs me that Im parked on mall property and damaging mall property, damage the curb and everything under the snow pile, and that the local police are on their way along with a tow truck to impound my Jeep.  Im trying to think how I can climb over the pile and escape.  Just then, he asked to take a picture of the jeep for his Facebook, Im confused and thinking that I need to escape, he then says “JUST JOKING”!  1,000 pounds of stress  and a ton of adrenaline leave my body, and the three of just joke and talk Jeeps for a few minutes.   

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