AEV Lift Install

The day has come, droping off my Jeep at American Expedition Vehicles (AEV).  On my 2013 Jeep I installed myself, with help from friends two AEV lifts, the 2.5” and 3.5” lifts.  Why did I have AEV install the lift on my new jeep?  Time! I was working a busy schedule with not alot of time off, my family was in the process of moving, and an upcoming trip with Mountain State Overland was coming up.  Time on the calendar wasn’t there.

I am a 3 hour drive up to AEV Michigan’s facility.  I have been here a few times for a tour and two open houses, here is where their Area 51 Top Secret R&D facility is, and where they outfit all their vehicles.  I was unable to get their signature branding as I was bring my old wheels and bumpers, however they were installing the 3.5” lift/suspension and putting BFG KO2’s 35” tires.  I also had a few little things that needed their attention.  The big item that needed their attention was getting the tire carrier aligned correctly on the frame.  I was having difficulty doing that.  

It took AEV less than a week for them to get the Jeep finished, up.  After work I flew into Detroit and the AEV sales rep picked me up at my hotel and brought me to my Jeep.  See the Jeep all finished was a great sight.  Jeeps just “LOOK RIGHT” when they are lifted with 35’s!

The 3 hour drive home was a great fun drive with new lift and tires!

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