Hitch Install

My Jeep did not come from the factory with the tow package.  The tow package from the factory is just the hitch and electrical for the trailer.  There is no upgraded transmission, alternator, or brakes.  Upgrading is a very easy upgrade, all you need to a box wrench and screw driver.  Process take s less than 30 minutes.

On the rear cross member there are four tubes for where the hitch will go.  Simply line up the hitch bracket to those tubes and run the long bolts through.  Having and ratcheting box wrench is a huge help, as you can not get a socket or impact drill because the muffler is right there.

Next you have to run the supplied electrical wiring harness.  This requires you to remove the drivers side turn signal.  Th turn signal have 4 screw at the corners, but only the two you need to remove are the top and bottom on the inside of the Jeep.  Simply plug the harness into the turn signal, and fish the wire down underneath the Jeep.  The hitch bracket has an opening for where you can attach the 4-way connector.  

Make sure to install a hitch cover to keep road salt and debris out the hitch.

This is a very simple install, and you can save money from not buying this from the factory.


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