American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Corner Guards

When off-roading the most damaged part of any vehicle; Jeep, Toyota, Buggy, side-by-side, is the right rear fender.  People forget to check that corner when backing up or going around an obstacle.  I am lucky that in all the trails that I have done, I have not done any body damage;  I have come close, but on this jeep I wanted to protect my jeep the most I can.  

I have installed all the armor you can under the jeep, Rock Hard Skid Plates for the oil pan, Transmission/transfer case, and fuel tank, AEV rear differential skid, and front lower control arms skids.  

Adding the AEV Corner Guards I felt was important as replacing a rear fender/quarter panel is more than $350, so I saw this as an insurance policy.  With all the other skid plates/armor, I can remove them easily with no permanent changes to the Jeep.  These corner guards, you have to drill into the fender/quarter panel, and once you do that, there is no turning back!  

Dee was able to do this install for me.  I did not trust myself to drill these holes!  I think Dee was scared as well, as you only get one try!

The install is pretty strategy forward, re one the tail lights and license plate, line up the corner guards, mark the holes and drill.  Squeeze the nutserts into the funder/quarter panel and screw in the corner guard.

Overall I am very happy with these, the make the Jeep stand out a little more.

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