First Modification-Painting interior of Hard Top

The fist modification that I did to my jeep was have the hard top interior painted.  All jeep hardtops come in a white/cream paint.  They do this to make the interior brighter inside, I personal do not like the color and chose to pain the inside black. I did this in my 2013 JKU when I got the hardtop. The two factors that drove me to paint that hardtop was that at JKFreaks Fest in the spring of 2015 at Rausch Creek, I won a set of Hot Heads headline insulation kit.  The kit was black, and having two distinct color wasn’t a good combo.  I myself painted the hardtop with 6-8 cans of flat black spray paint.  It was a good job, but over time the paint flacked off.  On this jeep I have a local body shop, VanDevere Collision paint shop di the work this time.  Having a professional paint job will look better and last longer than a few can of spray paint.   

After the top was painted I bought the MOPAR headliner kit.  This add alot of insulation for heat and noise.  Below you can see how the snow can show the warmer and cooler parts of the hardtop, where the snow is starting to accumulate is whee the headliner is. An added plus is that I can put the Overland required patch collection up there.

One update on the headliner kit, they are held up with string double sided tape, but over the past 2 years, I have had 1 panel fall down, and I have since added new and more 3M double sided tape.  

I will keep you all posted on the durability of the tape.

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